The Thing about Personal Growth/Change

Recently, the idea of growth and changing has become pretty popular, which is great to a certain extent. I say to a certain extent because I am noticing that some people are changing not for themselves but for others. Or some people feel pressured to go about their personal growth journey the same exact way… Continue reading The Thing about Personal Growth/Change

Doing Major Life Transitions by Myself

When it was near the end of senior year of college, everyone was going around asking each other what we had planned for life after undergrad. I told people that I was going to graduate school in Chicago, most of them were surprised that I was going to leave the East Coast. Some of them… Continue reading Doing Major Life Transitions by Myself

A Honest Conversation

A few days ago, I was listening to a podcast hosted by a clinical psychologist and a guest therapist speaker. This podcast episode was about the attachment style of a fictional character, how it was influenced by her family dynamics, and how it influences her interactions with romantic partners, friends, and family. Normally I listen… Continue reading A Honest Conversation

Somethings that I Learned about Related to Personal Journeys

Something I wish someone told me about the journey of healing, before I embarked on mine, was that taking on any type of personal journey can be a long and rough process that cause you to go through a series of emotions. They do not always goes as planned since they are usually full of… Continue reading Somethings that I Learned about Related to Personal Journeys

For the New Year

Normally, I do not create New Year’s resolutions because in most cases it end up being a waste of my time. When I created New Year’s resolutions in the past, they seemed forced and I hardly ever fully followed through with them. I felt this pressure that I have to do think of something to… Continue reading For the New Year

Every Girl Needs a Role Model

Personally I feel like every girl needs at least one role model that they can look up to, I was fortune enough to have more than one. Throughout my life, I have come in contact with multiple young women who have aided in my growth. These women were at least a year older than me… Continue reading Every Girl Needs a Role Model

Sometimes You Just Need to Cry

In my past, I used to be strongly against crying for whatever reason. I hated crying because it made me feel weak and powerless, especially in front of other people. When people would say that crying was therapeutic for them and that it made them feel better, I would look at them like they lost… Continue reading Sometimes You Just Need to Cry

I want to Be a Diamond

When I was in middle school, my science and math teacher asked me, “Do you like diamonds?” I said, “Yes.” “Would you rather be a diamond or a regular rock? And why?” Wondering where this was going, I replied, “Diamond because it is considered the best and toughest stone.” He asked, “How is a diamond… Continue reading I want to Be a Diamond

Comparing Yourself to Others Could Blind Your Judgement

Comparing myself to others really prevented my confidence from developing when I was a child and teenager. If I was not doing what other people was doing, I used to think less of myself. I would use other people lives as expectations for what I should accomplish. For example, I always wanted to be intelligent,… Continue reading Comparing Yourself to Others Could Blind Your Judgement

I was Already the Person Who I Dreamed of Becoming

If someone would have told me while I was in high school that I would be the person I am today, I would have told them they got the wrong Nia. Everything I wanted to be when I younger I have always been. The traits and talents I desperately wished for, I always had since… Continue reading I was Already the Person Who I Dreamed of Becoming