For the New Year

Normally, I do not create New Year’s resolutions because in most cases it end up being a waste of my time. When I created New Year’s resolutions in the past, they seemed forced and I hardly ever fully followed through with them. I felt this pressure that I have to do think of something to do on the spot or within the next couple of days. Also the time fame I would plan to accomplish things was always shorter than the time they actually took. Before, I would plan out every little detail and envision exactly how I want the entire process of achieving the goal to be or how I want the project that I am working on to go. And most of the time nothing went exactly how I planned it. When things did not go according to my plan, I would get discouraged and it would be hard to bounce back.

The way I currently create goals is to let thoughts and ideas come to me naturally from existing and observing the world. Sometimes I am inspired by someone or something. I think about how I could do it on my level and with my own spin. After researching and being indecisive for a while, I would impulsively make a decision on what I want to do and my general direction. I say impulsively because for a couple of days it would seem like I cannot make a decision but one random morning I would wake up and have a decision. There are also times when I learn about something or an opportunity and say, “That looks fun, challenging, and/or worth my time. I’m going to do that.” Then I immediately start to work toward the goal or new project in some way, shape, or form. In most cases, I start to work toward the goal unconsciously. When I make the conscious decision to focus more on the goal and/or to specify it more I usually realize that I was already working toward the goal unconsciously by taking small steps. I do not wait for a particular day to start or set time limits, I just go when I’m ready and at my own pace. Unless the deadline has been created by someone else, like something related to grad school or work.

Most times I do not write down my goals or what I am going to do. Envisioning them and/or envisioning myself in the situations is more fun. I do not plan or envision every little detail, I focus on the bigger picture and/or the final result. Envisioning the bigger picture allows for flexibility in case I want to modify or expand anything. Sometimes I do not always know the exact steps or sometimes I know what the steps are but I don’t know how exactly to go about them. Along the way, I usually figure out the details. I know that your goals are supposed to be well defined in the beginning, but most times my goals start out broad then along the way I tweak them to make them more specific. My mindset is be as prepared for anything as possible while keeping mind that anything can happen. I need to be able to adapt to anything. I make sure I think things through, I do not go blindly into situations or projects, but also remain flexible. It is a mixture of being calculated and organized while going with the flow as I am exposed to more obstacles and information. This has been the method of all of my current journeys, projects, goals, etc. and so far it has worked well for me.

So for the New Year, my goal is to continue with my current goals and on my journey of self-evolution in every way possible. Maybe sometime during the year I will be inspired to create a completely new goal but for now my current goals keep me busy enough. But before the New Year, I plan to make sure that I am mentally prepared for it. I will write about one of my main ways in next week’s blog post, so stay tuned.

Time to Focus on You:

Do not feel the pressured to make New Year’s Resolutions. Whenever the idea of a new goal comes to you is perfectly fine. And you do not have to wait until the New Year to start to work on it, you could get to work as soon as you want. If you want to make goals or want some inspiration look at where you passions are, talk to other people, read books, and/or experience the world around you. And please do not set goals that you know full and well you are not going to do, it will only make you feel discouraged by the end of the year.

10 thoughts on “For the New Year”

  1. Absolutely agree. I’ve done the whole list of New Years reductions in the past, and although they’re good ways of reflecting on goals that you want to achieve – often times they can add pressure on oneself, not allowing the person to enjoy the process of just becoming

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  2. I agree. You don’t need to wait for January to start something new. 🙂

    I also like the idea of setting achievable goals, rather than aiming for something impossible. Those kind of resolutions seem to work better for me.

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  3. I have been almost the same way about new years resolutions in my past. Now if I have a goal, no matter what day of the year, I start on the goal then and there. Making a long list of new resolutions all at one time can be overwhelming and catastrophic. Nice post reflecting on resolutions.

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