Doing Major Life Transitions by Myself

When it was near the end of senior year of college, everyone was going around asking each other what we had planned for life after undergrad. I told people that I was going to graduate school in Chicago, most of them were surprised that I was going to leave the East Coast. Some of them asked if I knew anyone in Chicago and I said nope. They asked why I was going so far and questioned if I could handle being so far away. I usually laughed and said, “I will be fine.” Or I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I will figure it out.” I was a little scared about going to Chicago but the fact I already went out of state for college eased my worries. I looked at it like I already went to college in a different state so going to the Midwest is somewhat of the same thing, I am just further away. To avoid homesickness, I had some methods prepared ahead of time. I also researched Chicago, so I had an idea of what to expect.

As I mentioned in My Transition to my 1st Year of Graduate School, I was prepared for going to Chicago and the transition went smoothly. For some people going to a state where you don’t anyone is scary but for me it felt freeing. In order for me to fully experience a new major transition, I need to do it by myself. I need to do it on a completely clean slate. For some reason, I don’t want other people accompanying me. I want to do it by myself, so I can do it on my terms and fully be independent.  Going to a new place where I did not know anyone gave me the motivation to put myself out there to make new friends instead of just staying around familiar people. Doing transitions by myself makes it feel like it more my own path instead of a someone else’s path. So, for me the idea of going to Chicago was a little overwhelming but at the same time, it felt like an adventure. Part of it could also be the fact I’m an only child so I’m used to and in most cases I prefer doing things by myself. Another reason why I wanted to go to Chicago was because I don’t like staying in one spot for too long. I like the idea of exploring and experiencing new places, but I don’t like traveling. Traveling feels too rushed. I like settling in places to take my time to fully experience it as a somewhat of resident rather than a visitor who is stopping by for 2 weeks. I like to really get to know the area. When I feel like I have gotten everything I need from being in one location, I get an urge leave and move on to another one for new experiences.

Time to Focus on You:

Even though it may be scary, certain life transitions you should do by yourself. It would more beneficial to your growth to challenge yourself to have new experiences by yourself. You could also meet new people during your new transition that you may not have had a chance to meet by only being familiar friends

Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash

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