Feelings Around New Years

Ending a year and beginning another one always feel surreal to me for some reason. Like we really about to enter another season and we don’t know what it’s going to bring. For some reason it makes me think about the concept of time and how much of it we really have. Do we have… Continue reading Feelings Around New Years

Doing Major Life Transitions by Myself

When it was near the end of senior year of college, everyone was going around asking each other what we had planned for life after undergrad. I told people that I was going to graduate school in Chicago, most of them were surprised that I was going to leave the East Coast. Some of them… Continue reading Doing Major Life Transitions by Myself

My Love for Natural Bodies of Water

For some reason, I love natural bodies of water. I find them so relaxing and peaceful which is ironic because I can’t swim and don’t intend on learning how to swim. When I look or am around natural bodies of water, I notice I start to smile and daydream. The free movement of water causes… Continue reading My Love for Natural Bodies of Water

My Transition to my 1st Year of Graduate School

Multiple factors played a role in my first year of graduate school and overall transition. The main factor I think was the fact I dealt with multiple issues throughout my years of undergraduate school. Having exposure to those situations prepared me to be expect the worst and know how to deal with them, if they… Continue reading My Transition to my 1st Year of Graduate School