Closure from Others isn’t a Guarantee

Where did the idea of seeking closure from the people who have hurt us come from? It seems like a waste of time because it hardly ever goes the way we envision and sometimes leaves us in a worse place. Certain things are better for us not to know and to just leave alone. Knowing… Continue reading Closure from Others isn’t a Guarantee

The Thing about Personal Growth/Change

Recently, the idea of growth and changing has become pretty popular, which is great to a certain extent. I say to a certain extent because I am noticing that some people are changing not for themselves but for others. Or some people feel pressured to go about their personal growth journey the same exact way… Continue reading The Thing about Personal Growth/Change

Give People Some Space to Complain a Little

Hear my out, complaining is not that bad. It can be a form of venting as a way for people to verbalize their frustrations, dislikes, etc. When people verbalize their frustrations, it lead to them feeling better instead of keeping everything inside or feeling like they have to deny/hide emotions. They can get a better… Continue reading Give People Some Space to Complain a Little

Another Blog Post about Social Media

In the age-old debate of whether social media is good or bad, I have decided to share my thoughts on the matter. *List out pros and cons that we have read/heard about multiple times* In my opinion, social media can be either good or bad, both, or neither. I think it boils down to how… Continue reading Another Blog Post about Social Media

The Idea of Forgiveness is Subjective

Forgiveness is a personal experience that varies among people. Some people need to forgive to move on while others can move on and go about their lives without it. It is a personal choice that people should not feel pressured to rush into or even feel like they must forgive. Rushing or forcing people to… Continue reading The Idea of Forgiveness is Subjective

Sisterhood Among Black Women

In an online group discussion, I was having with other black women, one of them asked a series of questions. They were: “Do you believe in sisterhood among black women? How do you define sisterhood? How has your experience been with it? How did you find it?” Some of the women said yes and shared… Continue reading Sisterhood Among Black Women

Unhealthy vs Healthy Coping Mechanisms

At the end of a previous post Mentally Preparing for the New Year, I emphasized using healthy coping mechanisms as way to be mentally prepared. I decided to write a separate post about unhealthy and healthy coping mechanisms to talk more about them. Unhealthy coping mechanisms are basically destructive to you in one or more ways/areas… Continue reading Unhealthy vs Healthy Coping Mechanisms


One of the main activities that helps me to destress and to remain calm is practicing self-care. Even though self-care has become a popular trend recently, it is very important to have some type of rituals that you can commit to on a regular basis for taking care of yourself. With social media, like Instagram… Continue reading Self-Care

For the New Year

Normally, I do not create New Year’s resolutions because in most cases it end up being a waste of my time. When I created New Year’s resolutions in the past, they seemed forced and I hardly ever fully followed through with them. I felt this pressure that I have to do think of something to… Continue reading For the New Year

Offer Support Instead of Jumping to Conclusions

There are times that I see people in harmful situations that limits their growth. It makes me want to pick them up and move them to a more positive environment, as if their pieces on a board game, so that they can fully thrive. But life isn't that simple. I cannot just move people away… Continue reading Offer Support Instead of Jumping to Conclusions