My Voice

Over the years, I started to develop my voice. When I was younger, I did not have much of a voice for myself. ┬áThe way I developed my voice is somewhat of a blur because I was not always intentionally trying to develop my voice and this process is an on-going process. Anyway, I remember… Continue reading My Voice

I Used to be Passive

When I was younger, I was passive and a people pleaser. I would just go with the flow and did not really stick up for myself to avoid confrontations. Speaking my mind did not seem like an option for me because I did not want to be the odd one out. Since everyone else were… Continue reading I Used to be Passive

Comparing Yourself to Others Could Blind Your Judgement

Comparing myself to others really prevented my confidence from developing when I was a child and teenager. If I was not doing what other people was doing, I used to think less of myself. I would use other people lives as expectations for what I should accomplish. For example, I always wanted to be intelligent,… Continue reading Comparing Yourself to Others Could Blind Your Judgement