What Would You Do if You Could Do Anything?

A few weeks ago, I was on my WordPress reader reading recent blog posts. Cheri Lucas Rowlands posted in the Discovery blog about Hilde Lysiak, who is on WordPress’ “Anything is Possible’ list for 2019. The post ended with the prompt “What would you do if you could do anything?” Throughout my life, I have… Continue reading What Would You Do if You Could Do Anything?


So I’m Back in Therapy

As I mentioned in this post Vulnerability , I wanted to work on becoming more comfortable with vulnerability. Dr. Brene Brown’s TED Talk showed me that I still had a good amount of work to do. Recently, I started going to see a therapist again. Since this was one of the main ways that helped… Continue reading So I’m Back in Therapy


A week ago, in class my professor played a TED talk video by social worker and researcher named Brene Brown. The video was entitled “The Power of Vulnerability.” In the video she talks about her research and how it led to learning that vulnerability is the main factor in people’s lives that allows them to… Continue reading Vulnerability


Wouldn’t it be great if we could pick and choose which emotions we and just shut off, whether temporarily or for life? The minute an emotion is too overpowering we could just shut it off and go about our day. Unfortunately, as humans we cannot do that. We are meant to feel all emotions as… Continue reading Numbing

A Honest Conversation

A few days ago, I was listening to a podcast hosted by a clinical psychologist and a guest therapist speaker. This podcast episode was about the attachment style of a fictional character, how it was influenced by her family dynamics, and how it influences her interactions with romantic partners, friends, and family. Normally I listen… Continue reading A Honest Conversation

A Period of Disconnect and Rest

In order to recharge and get my mind back together, I have a habit of disconnecting from everything and everyone. I disconnect from all of my routines, projects, obligations, my phone, and interactions with people. The only person I would interact with is usually my mom. In my Alone Time post, I talk more about this… Continue reading A Period of Disconnect and Rest

My Sleep Routine

In my previous post Sleep Really Makes a Difference, I said that I would go over my sleep routine so here we are. This is my sleep routine for the school year, during summer break my sleeping schedule usually changes. Around 10:00pm I start to get ready for bed. I usually play music as I… Continue reading My Sleep Routine

Sleep Really Makes a Difference

A few weeks ago, in class, we talked about our sleep habits and how they can really make a difference in our lives as future clinicians and the lives of clients. My professor emphasized the importance of checking in with ourselves and our future clients about sleep habits.  We completed a questionnaire about our personal… Continue reading Sleep Really Makes a Difference

The Queen of Overworking Herself is Trying to Give up Her Crown

When I started my first semester of graduate school, I had to take a research methods class. I accidentally signed up for one in the doctoral program instead of a master’s level one. A week before class the professor emailed me because she was looking at the list of names for her class and realized… Continue reading The Queen of Overworking Herself is Trying to Give up Her Crown

Planning for the Future while Recognizing the Present

While I was reading one of my textbooks for class, I read a statement that said some of the models used in therapy and research are not effective use for certain groups of people, such as people of color, people of various gender identities, people who are not heterosexual, people from lower socioeconomic areas, people… Continue reading Planning for the Future while Recognizing the Present