My Transition to my 1st Year of Graduate School

Multiple factors played a role in my first year of graduate school and overall transition. The main factor I think was the fact I dealt with multiple issues throughout my years of undergraduate school. Having exposure to those situations prepared me to be expect the worst and know how to deal with them, if they… Continue reading My Transition to my 1st Year of Graduate School

A Period of Disconnect and Rest

In order to recharge and get my mind back together, I have a habit of disconnecting from everything and everyone. I disconnect from all of my routines, projects, obligations, my phone, and interactions with people. The only person I would interact with is usually my mom. In my¬†Alone Time post, I talk more about this… Continue reading A Period of Disconnect and Rest

Alone Time

Alone time is a necessity for me. Just like oxygen and water, I need my alone time to function properly. On a regular basis, I need time by myself to recharge and get my energy right. Socializing with people excessively, whether in person or on the internet, is draining to me. For the most part,… Continue reading Alone Time