My Voice

Over the years, I started to develop my voice. When I was younger, I did not have much of a voice for myself.  The way I developed my voice is somewhat of a blur because I was not always intentionally trying to develop my voice and this process is an on-going process. Anyway, I remember… Continue reading My Voice

Somethings that I Learned about Related to Personal Journeys

Something I wish someone told me about the journey of healing, before I embarked on mine, was that taking on any type of personal journey can be a long and rough process that cause you to go through a series of emotions. They do not always goes as planned since they are usually full of… Continue reading Somethings that I Learned about Related to Personal Journeys

The Intention of My Presence on Social Media

In my previous post Another Blog Post about Social Media, I spoke about social media. While writing, it caused me to think more about my intentions of my platforms. It took me a while to figure out, but I think I know what I want my presence on social media to be and what I… Continue reading The Intention of My Presence on Social Media

Finding Out What You Like and Want

“Go after what you want!” “But I don’t know what I want.” “Well figure it out, then go for it!” “How?” Sometimes you may not know exactly what you want and have no idea on where to even begin to search for an answer. No one can really give you a direct answer because they… Continue reading Finding Out What You Like and Want