The Intention of My Presence on Social Media

In my previous post Another Blog Post about Social Media, I spoke about social media. While writing, it caused me to think more about my intentions of my platforms. It took me a while to figure out, but I think I know what I want my presence on social media to be and what I want people to get from my content. Contrary to popular belief, I do not want to sound like a motivational speaker, the all-knowing, your therapist, or exactly like someone else. I like Oprah’s speeches and everything, but I want to sound like Nia (me). Sounding like a motivational speaker is kind of annoying to me. Some of them are too victim blaming and bashing. Or some are too limited and one-sided in their perspective and understanding of the different experiences that people go through. Sounding like the all-knowing is unattainable because that would mean I have all the knowledge, which I don’t. And honestly, there are certain things that I don’t care to know. Although I am studying and being trained in clinical psychology and counseling, I don’t want my content to solely focus on clinical psychology. It may feel like another assignment and more work. My social media content is not intended to provide therapy or any clinical interpretations because I am not trained in providing virtual therapy.

Disclaimer: Yes, there is a training process and ethical/legal guidelines required in some states for licensed mental health professionals who want to provide virtual therapy. Please keep this in mind if you are interested in virtual therapy. Research and ask questions.

Back to the blog post:

From years of observing the world, I have a lot of thoughts and want to share some of them. My intention on social media is to encourage people to think about themselves, other people, society, the world, and whatever else. I want to be someone who sparks a light in people’s minds so that they can follow and explore where their mind takes them. Participating in discussions and dialogues is always interesting to see where peoples’ minds go and what understanding they have developed. I believe that thinking and talking with others are key methods for self-evolution because they could lead people anywhere, which may be the place they need to be.

Changing people’s ways of thinking is not my goal, I just want people to consider numerous viewpoints. There are multiple concepts and constructs in society and life that are not simply black-and-white, one-sided, or straight forward. They vary among people because people live diverse experiences so one viewpoint is not the only view point. This is part of the reason why I always suggest that people do some research on a topic before talking about it or making any major decisions. I don’t tell people what to do with their lives, I offer different perspectives to keep in mind. I don’t believe in a one size fits all for any concept, but society gives off the idea that one way of thinking or one method should work for everyone. Society kind of takes away people’s power of thinking about themselves and other people. Some people think that just because something works for them, it should work for everyone else. If it doesn’t work they think something is wrong with the people that it did not work out for. When in reality, nothing is wrong those people. That specific method or way of thinking does not align with them or is not useful for them. So, shedding light on and validating diverse experiences is another part of my intention on social media.

Clearly, I don’t have a specific title for my social media image. I always have a hard finding titles that describe me because nothing seemed to really encompass everything. Some titles seem too limiting or have a certain connotation attached to them that I don’t like. I don’t want my “image,” to be one dimensional or my content focused on only one concept. Those sound limiting for me, like I’m stuck in a box. Being on social media shouldn’t feel like a forced limiting experience. But at the same time, I want the various concepts of my content to work and flow with each other. I want a general and flexible direction for my content. Maybe with more self-discovery I will finally figure out an actual title.

For now, I’m satisfied with being a meaningful voice that encourages self-evolution and gives different perspectives that causes people to think. Whatever understanding people come to and what they decide to do with it is up to them. I really emphasize a voice because my voice is not the only one that should be heard. I don’t want my voice to take away from other people’s voices. And of course, shedding some light on my identity and experiences as a black woman is represented in some of my social media content.

Time to Focus on You:

What is your intention(s) for your social media presence? Or what do you want to portray? What do you want readers/viewers to get when they go on your blog or other platforms? Side note: It does not have be overly deep, it could be whatever you want it to be. As long as you are aware of your intentions.

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13 thoughts on “The Intention of My Presence on Social Media”

    1. The above was a suggestion for your title. I want other’s to know that although I am diagnosed with mental illness that doesn’t make me less human. My perception may be skewed at time’s but I am not harmful. Just a bipolar girl in a crazy world.

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  1. Okay, we seem to be the same person. 😁. I have spent 4 years avoiding the niche box because of what my writing intentions truly are…and two weeks ago, a group of lovely fellow blogging women helped guide me as to what my “niche ” (cringe) is. And Iike it…Empowerment/Encouragement. I thrive on providing my point of view but only as a basis to start a conversation, but as you noted, there is no one size fits all advice, which is why Encouraging and Empowering others as you do to research and meditate on what’s best for them is exactly your path. Welcome. It’s great to finally meet someone that has like concerns and intentions.

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