My Voice

Over the years, I started to develop my voice. When I was younger, I did not have much of a voice for myself.  The way I developed my voice is somewhat of a blur because I was not always intentionally trying to develop my voice and this process is an on-going process. Anyway, I remember learning about myself in depth and spending time with myself was a major key for finding my voice. Writing, reflecting, having discussions with myself, and talking with close people helped to me to learn about myself. I got my point of view of myself and the perspectives of other people who knew me well enough. Recognizing my strengths, interests, likes, dislikes, and areas for improvement was beneficial to develop a sense of self. Going to where my intuition guides me and Finding my passion aided in finding my voice. I was surprised at how much my mind and body told me when I actually sat down and listened to them. You can read more about how I went about learning about myself in this post: Finding Out What You Like and WantAlong the way, I stopped caring about whether everyone would like to hear what I had to say. I accepted that fact that not everyone is going to like me or what I say and that’s not my problem (unless I am unintentionally harming someone). Little by little, I stopped caring about sounding a certain way or with having to change the way that I talk, I just spoke. (I have a New York accent and say some words in a Guyanese dialect. I also talk fast. For a while I was really self-conscious of the way I spoke around certain people because I did not want them making assumptions about me based on the way I talk). I became more concern with being mindful of what I was saying and saying meaningful things. If I had something that I felt needed to be said, I said it. I started becoming somewhat intentional about developing my voice by just allowing her to speak naturally without being overly critical and harsh. My voice was always inside of me, I just hushed her up because I did not think that she was good enough. When I allowed her to be free, she flew out at lighting speeds. Every time I allow her to come out naturally, it is a form of encouragement to do it again and again. And along the way, she is being strengthening and shaped.Finding my voice was a case of an understanding of myself on a deeper level and simply talking.

Time to Focus on You:

How are you developing your voice?Photo by Claus Grunstaudl on Unsplash

12 thoughts on “My Voice”

  1. Great, been down the lane of shutting my voice up as well, till it gets to the point where you try to speak and the words just wouldn’t come. Nice writeup. Wrote something on voice on my blog too just in a different light.

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  2. Great read! I also had to find my voice. A lot of things played into it, like being tired of making everyone happy but it not be reciprocated, feeling used and taken advantage of, but what really helped me was having my children. I need to be an example for them and let them no that it is okay to stand up for what they believe in and that not everyone is going to like them, but who cares?! ❤

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