Planning for the Future while Recognizing the Present

While I was reading one of my textbooks for class, I read a statement that said some of the models used in therapy and research are not effective use for certain groups of people, such as people of color, people of various gender identities, people who are not heterosexual, people from lower socioeconomic areas, people… Continue reading Planning for the Future while Recognizing the Present

Finding Out What You Like and Want

“Go after what you want!” “But I don’t know what I want.” “Well figure it out, then go for it!” “How?” Sometimes you may not know exactly what you want and have no idea on where to even begin to search for an answer. No one can really give you a direct answer because they… Continue reading Finding Out What You Like and Want

For the New Year

Normally, I do not create New Year’s resolutions because in most cases it end up being a waste of my time. When I created New Year’s resolutions in the past, they seemed forced and I hardly ever fully followed through with them. I felt this pressure that I have to do think of something to… Continue reading For the New Year