What Would You Do if You Could Do Anything?

A few weeks ago, I was on my WordPress reader reading recent blog posts. Cheri Lucas Rowlands posted in the Discovery blog about Hilde Lysiak, who is on WordPress’ “Anything is Possible’ list for 2019. The post ended with the prompt “What would you do if you could do anything?” Throughout my life, I have… Continue reading What Would You Do if You Could Do Anything?

Emerging Adulthood

A few weeks ago, in my human development class, we talked about emerging adulthood aka 18 years of age-early 20s and possibly later 20s. We read articles and had a discussion on this possible stage. Some theorists consider it a stage of human development while others view it as a transition period, not a stage.… Continue reading Emerging Adulthood

Constantly Moving

There were times when I didn’t allow myself to enjoy certain things because I knew that they temporary. I didn’t want to enjoy them only be without them and miss them in the end. A main example of is my living situation. Since I am always moving from place to place while in college and… Continue reading Constantly Moving

Black Community in the Mental Health Field (My Experience)

Even though more people of color have been entering the clinical psychology/counseling field it is still predominantly white. In all of my classes I am one of few people of color. Sometimes it’s rough being the only black person or one of few, its kind of feels like I do not belong in the field… Continue reading Black Community in the Mental Health Field (My Experience)

Doing Major Life Transitions by Myself

When it was near the end of senior year of college, everyone was going around asking each other what we had planned for life after undergrad. I told people that I was going to graduate school in Chicago, most of them were surprised that I was going to leave the East Coast. Some of them… Continue reading Doing Major Life Transitions by Myself

My Transition to my 1st Year of Graduate School

Multiple factors played a role in my first year of graduate school and overall transition. The main factor I think was the fact I dealt with multiple issues throughout my years of undergraduate school. Having exposure to those situations prepared me to be expect the worst and know how to deal with them, if they… Continue reading My Transition to my 1st Year of Graduate School

Differences Between my First Year of College and Gradaute School

Recently, I finished my first year of graduate school and it went smoother than I thought it was going to go. My freshmen year of college was really rough for a number of reasons so I kind of expected or was prepare for some of those same issues to arise again. To my pleasant surprise… Continue reading Differences Between my First Year of College and Gradaute School

A Period of Disconnect and Rest

In order to recharge and get my mind back together, I have a habit of disconnecting from everything and everyone. I disconnect from all of my routines, projects, obligations, my phone, and interactions with people. The only person I would interact with is usually my mom. In my Alone Time post, I talk more about this… Continue reading A Period of Disconnect and Rest

My Sleep Routine

In my previous post Sleep Really Makes a Difference, I said that I would go over my sleep routine so here we are. This is my sleep routine for the school year, during summer break my sleeping schedule usually changes. Around 10:00pm I start to get ready for bed. I usually play music as I… Continue reading My Sleep Routine

Sleep Really Makes a Difference

A few weeks ago, in class, we talked about our sleep habits and how they can really make a difference in our lives as future clinicians and the lives of clients. My professor emphasized the importance of checking in with ourselves and our future clients about sleep habits.  We completed a questionnaire about our personal… Continue reading Sleep Really Makes a Difference