Constantly Moving

There were times when I didn’t allow myself to enjoy certain things because I knew that they temporary. I didn’t want to enjoy them only be without them and miss them in the end. A main example of is my living situation. Since I am always moving from place to place while in college and now graduate school, I never got to attached to a place or made it mine. I always had the idea in the back on my mind, that I’m not staying here permanently so I can’t get too settled. It would just be extra stuff to pack up when it is time to move. I have ideas for how I want to decorate my room and living space, but I had never really made my living space mine. I didn’t want to buy stuff that I would keep moving. I planned to be settled then get the things that I want for my living space. Living in Chicago I have an amazing view of the lake and streets. At first, I never really appreciated them because I knew it was going to be temporary since I’m not sure exactly where I will be living in the future.

Recently I have allowed myself to enjoy things in the moment even if they are temporary. I have personalized my bathroom a bit and get excited to see it every time I walk in it.  I have plans for my room that I’m actually going to follow through. My roommates have been decorating the living room and I like it. Every time I eat, I make sure I pick a chair at the kitchen table that faces the lake to look outside and enjoy the view. Lately I have been sitting on the sitting area by the window to look outside at the night and relax. I also write at night while looking at the night sky. Even though my living situation isn’t permanent, I am trying to fully enjoy it while I can.

Time to Focus on You:

Fully Enjoy whatever you have the present moment

Photo by Kirill Zakharov on Unsplash

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