My Love for Natural Bodies of Water

For some reason, I love natural bodies of water. I find them so relaxing and peaceful which is ironic because I can’t swim and don’t intend on learning how to swim. When I look or am around natural bodies of water, I notice I start to smile and daydream. The free movement of water causes… Continue reading My Love for Natural Bodies of Water

Returning Home

As some of you may know I am a graduate student currently living on my university’s campus while I study clinical psychology in Chicago. I am originally from New York. During winter break the dorm was closed which means I went back to New York for a few weeks. This was my first time being… Continue reading Returning Home

I was Already the Person Who I Dreamed of Becoming

If someone would have told me while I was in high school that I would be the person I am today, I would have told them they got the wrong Nia. Everything I wanted to be when I younger I have always been. The traits and talents I desperately wished for, I always had since… Continue reading I was Already the Person Who I Dreamed of Becoming