My Love for Natural Bodies of Water

For some reason, I love natural bodies of water. I find them so relaxing and peaceful which is ironic because I can’t swim and don’t intend on learning how to swim. When I look or am around natural bodies of water, I notice I start to smile and daydream. The free movement of water causes me to envision jumping in and floating for a while. I don’t like swimming pools; the smell of Chlorine annoys me and they remind me of the Olympics and stress. I also never want to go sailing on a boat. Natural bodies of waters, like lakes, rivers, oceans, and waterfalls are my favorite form of nature. The air/wind is my second favorite. When I was younger, I remembered I used to love to go to aquariums for class field trips. I loved looking at the fishes and sea creatures. From my dorm room building, I was able to see a lake and I stared at it a lot nearly every day. I wanted to visit it, but I did not have time and it was still cold. (I plan to visit it when I go back).

My love for natural bodies of water is also connected to my mom. She loves them too. She is from Guyana. The country’s name means the lands of many waters and the country lives up to the name. It has Kaieteur Falls, which is the tallest waterfall in the world. (It is the picture for this post). There is also the seawall that my mom and her siblings and friends used to go to a lot for fun while they were growing up. When she was pregnant with me, she said that she used to have a lot of dreams involving waterfalls.

Water as a whole has a symbolic meaning and each body of water has their own meaning. For the most part water tends to be associated with new beginnings, renewal, new life, cleansing, source of life, transitions, etc. At the beginning of 2018, I had a lot of dreams with waterfalls. In one dream, I was injured and standing in an elevator. Out of nowhere a gush of water started falling down on me as if I was standing under a waterfall. I didn’t feel like I was choking or drowning, I felt at peace. After a few minutes I started feeling stronger and my injury was gone. At the ending of 2017, I was in a mood of letting go of a lot of negative things. I did not want to bring unnecessary baggage into 2018. I was also thinking about the future a lot and reflecting on my past. Before graduate school, I had dreams of rivers and lakes. I attributed the dreams to the big transition I was about to embark on, which was starting graduate school in a state where I did not know anyone at the time.

Time to Focus on You:

What is your favorite form of nature? How do you engage with it

41 thoughts on “My Love for Natural Bodies of Water”

  1. I recall one stressful time in my life where I turned on rainforest music and just let my mind rest. I’ve never been in one before, but I would love to someday. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. That reminds me of a meditation app I have on my phone that plays different calming sounds. Visiting a rainforest sounds fun and mellow! I may add that to my travel list. Thank you for reading! 😊

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  2. Kaieteur Falls looks incredible. For me oceans and lakes are incredibly calming. They make me slow down and appreciate the moment, and it’s like my worries melt away. My second favourite element is rock; I love the textures.

    Thanks for this post, so simple and sweet 👌

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    1. Thank you for reading! 😃 I tend to slow down and be more present too. I forgot that rocks have various textures lol. Maybe I will find some rocks to touch and see what happens

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  3. Natural bodies of water are my go to happy place, too! When I’m stressed out, I do guided imagery about the beach. Everything just seems better when I’m around water. Thanks for writing this post!

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  4. Walking barefoot in the grass, makes feel grounded. Also, listening to heavy rain, love rainfall meditation! Great read! 😊

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  5. I lknow be being both beside water and in it! I’m not a strong swimmer – in fact I swim like a dead fish but I love being in water all the same!
    I’m also very fond of rocks and minerals. I love seeing different rock formations

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    1. Thank you for reading! 😃 as long as you feel comfortable in the water, that’s all that matters lol. Some other people commented about rocks and it makes me want to check them out more

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  6. While not a natural body of water, I find the pond my husband built in our garden incredibly relaxing. We’ve stocked it with beautifully coloured koi and it has a little waterfall that I adore listening to. I’m actually sat in our sun room with the doors open listening to it now.

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    1. Oops to continue
      These four elements is very important for life and it is always full of energy in its true form. Thats why you feel relaxed with water. I love nature watching during all seasons.

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  7. I love walking in the woods. I live near a lot of forest preserves so it’s convenient, too. I enjoy listening for birds and seeing all the types of trees. I really enjoyed learning more about water and Guyana in your article.

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