Listen to Your Inner Self

It is important to listen to your inner self, which includes your body, mind, and the energy running through you. You know yourself best. You know what good for you and what is not good for you. You know what you need and what you do not need. As you listen to your inner self… Continue reading Listen to Your Inner Self


One of the core parts of my resilience is hope. From hope comes courage, motivation, and the will to try. From hope, also come the ability of being gentle and honest with myself. It impacts my belief in myself. It is the foundation I used to rebuild my life and myself. Every obstacle I have… Continue reading Hope

A Honest Conversation

A few days ago, I was listening to a podcast hosted by a clinical psychologist and a guest therapist speaker. This podcast episode was about the attachment style of a fictional character, how it was influenced by her family dynamics, and how it influences her interactions with romantic partners, friends, and family. Normally I listen… Continue reading A Honest Conversation

Finding Out What You Like and Want

“Go after what you want!” “But I don’t know what I want.” “Well figure it out, then go for it!” “How?” Sometimes you may not know exactly what you want and have no idea on where to even begin to search for an answer. No one can really give you a direct answer because they… Continue reading Finding Out What You Like and Want


One of the main activities that helps me to destress and to remain calm is practicing self-care. Even though self-care has become a popular trend recently, it is very important to have some type of rituals that you can commit to on a regular basis for taking care of yourself. With social media, like Instagram… Continue reading Self-Care

Mentally Preparing for the New Year

Think to yourself and be honest, are you mentally ready and prepared for the New Year? These past years have been very rough for a lot of people, including myself. There is no guarantee that 2018 will be any better or worse than any of the previous years. We do not know what is going… Continue reading Mentally Preparing for the New Year

Alone Time

Alone time is a necessity for me. Just like oxygen and water, I need my alone time to function properly. On a regular basis, I need time by myself to recharge and get my energy right. Socializing with people excessively, whether in person or on the internet, is draining to me. For the most part,… Continue reading Alone Time

I want to Be a Diamond

When I was in middle school, my science and math teacher asked me, “Do you like diamonds?” I said, “Yes.” “Would you rather be a diamond or a regular rock? And why?” Wondering where this was going, I replied, “Diamond because it is considered the best and toughest stone.” He asked, “How is a diamond… Continue reading I want to Be a Diamond

Comparing Yourself to Others Could Blind Your Judgement

Comparing myself to others really prevented my confidence from developing when I was a child and teenager. If I was not doing what other people was doing, I used to think less of myself. I would use other people lives as expectations for what I should accomplish. For example, I always wanted to be intelligent,… Continue reading Comparing Yourself to Others Could Blind Your Judgement

I was Already the Person Who I Dreamed of Becoming

If someone would have told me while I was in high school that I would be the person I am today, I would have told them they got the wrong Nia. Everything I wanted to be when I younger I have always been. The traits and talents I desperately wished for, I always had since… Continue reading I was Already the Person Who I Dreamed of Becoming