A Quick Reminder

I think it’s important to love. Not just other people but also love yourself, things, hobbies, places, food, sounds, etc. it’s important to have love in different forms and different sources of joy. To fall in love with different aspects of life. And to love fully, give it your all. It may be hard and scary but sometimes, doing scary things end up being worth it. Sometimes working hard will be worth it. Giving your energy to the right sources will be worth it. Take your time and figure out what those sources are but when you find them hold on to them and love them.

There may come a time when as you grow things may change or you may not love the source as much anymore or it’s just gone and that is scary. But in this moment love as much as you can. Smile as much as you can. Be expressive, brave, and gentle with yourself and everyone/everything thing else (who is deserving).

And if there ever come a time when a source is gone, look back and smile at the memories. Be proud of your ability to give love and create bonds. And be open to whatever comes next.

Side note:I know it’s been a while since I have posted a blog post. I just haven’t been inspired in a while but I wrote this to myself this morning and thought someone else could benefit from reading it.