What’s the Point?

As I have grown older, I realized that if I do not see the point of doing something or if it does not line up with my values chances are I am not going to do it. If I ask, “What’s the point?” and I do not receive a substantial answer, it’s not for me. I have always been like this since I was child. It was hard to get me to do things that did not align with me and I would always ask why. At that time, I just thought I was being difficult but now I realized that even then I knew what was not for me. I preferred to spend my time doing things that had a purpose, was fun, lined up with my values, etc. That is something I admired of my younger self and something I have working back towards. Over the years, there were times that I did things without having a purpose or point and they did not reflect my values. Usually in those moments, I did those things to please other people or because I cared about their opinion.

Now I am back in the mindset of I’m doing activities with a purpose/point, that align with my values, and/or that I enjoy. Typically, I try to shoot for all three but there are times when I get 2 out 3 or only 1, and that’s okay. Everything is not going to be exactly how you want it to be. The activities I do have to least hit on one of those. I cannot pinpoint for sure, what brought me back to this space, but I know it has something to with wanting to my time on this earth doing things that fit me and that I will be content and/or proud of. I do not want to just do things for no reason. Having a reason allows the experience to be felt more. This mindset has caused me to question everything I am doing and stop doing the things that do not fulfill one of my three. It has also helped me with planning out future directions and ideas.

Time to Focus on You:

Ask yourself, what’s the point of whatever you are doing? Does it align with any of your values? Do you really want to do it?

Photo by Alvaro Serrano

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