Expressing Gratitude

Since February I have been more intentional about practicing gratitude. Before I would express gratitude randomly and write it down once in a blue moon. Since February I have doing it more often and deliberate. My planner has a gratitude section for each week. Every night when I am planning for the next day, I take some time to think about the good things that happened that day and the things that I am grateful for that day. Sometimes it is big things but most of the time it’s small things. So far, I have been liking this new practice. It’s good to see the list of good things happened in the week and to look back throughout the weeks. I have also found that thinking about and writing the things I am grateful while I’m planning for the next day helps me to calm down and not feel as anxious or stressed about the next day. Whenever I am anxious, which happens a lot whenever I look at my planner, all I can think about are anxious and/or stressful things, which then causes me to feel stuck. Trying to shift my mind to think about good things helps me to not feel as defeated about the day. I have heard about keeping a gratitude journal, but I never tried it because it seemed kind of daunting. I would feel pressured to fill up the journal as soon as possible. That’s part of the reason why I liked the fact the creators of my planner included a small section for each week. It doesn’t seem as daunting. I can also connect the events or things that I am grateful for to the specific week.

Time to Focus on You:

How do you practice expressing gratitude?

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson

4 thoughts on “Expressing Gratitude”

  1. Very useful tips clearly expressed, lovely read! 😀
    I’ve made sure to reply to each blogger who takes the time to leave constructive feedback on my stories – that way, they know they can keep leaving useful comments on my work, knowing that I can reliably get back to them & build on my writing from their advice. 🙂

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