My Writing Process

Well I don’t really have much of a process. I don’t have a set time and I don’t write every day. I’m not really into intrigue processes and rules. Most times I just let things flow and write whenever and wherever I get inspired. Sometimes when I’m in the mood to write but can’t think of anything I may just sit in my thoughts and wait for something to come. I have realized that for some reason, I mostly write at night. That’s usually when I get inspired and when the thoughts flow better. It’s something about the night when my creativity usually comes, especially if I’m looking at the night sky. Something about the night is comforting and quiet. Typically, I prefer writing outside of my room and in the living room. There are times when I write during the day but most of time, I write at night. Usually I only write papers and assignments during the day. I think it had something to do with the fact when I first started writing, years ago, it was late at night. I started writing as a way to express my feelings and at night is when my feelings and thoughts were and still kind of are at their strongest. Perhaps this habit just stuck with me throughout the years.

Writing at night is also a good way to relax from the day and process it. One summer I challenged myself to write at least a paragraph of anything once a day, every single entry was at night. I tried to do it during the day, but nothing came to mind. Lately I have been writing right before I go to sleep while listening to mellow music. Sometimes I already have an idea to write about while other times I just listen to the music and wait for some inspiration to come. Singing along helps too. I have written things related to the song or a phrase I liked from the song. I have also written ideas for music videos/visuals for some songs. The main things about my writing process that seems to be constant are writing at night and with music. In this past post, Ways I Jump-start my Creativity , I wrote more about how I intentionally try to engage in my creativity.

Time to Focus on You:

What does your writing or other creative process look like?

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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