Help, I’m Bored!

For the past few weeks, I have been bored and craving some form of change. Nothing has been really inspiring me anymore and I feel like my creativity has left me. Everything I have been seeing, I have already seen before and/or experienced it. For example, my Instagram feed bores me. For the most part, I just constantly scroll and double tap. There are a few accounts that inspire me and give me ideas. I want to revamp it but I am not sure how, it’s like I know what I want my feed to look like but I can’t formulate it into a hashtag or key words to search so I can follow new accounts. Another example is when I was in the mall shopping with my mom a months ago. While we were walking to the different stores I said, “I used to love shopping but now it is so boring. Everything looks the same and I hate most of these two second trends. Some of this stuff look like it doesn’t have any deep thought behind them.” It took me forever to find a few pieces I was excited about and fit my style. I like it when clothes give me a feeling, vibe, something. I don’t randomly pick clothes. Clothes for me need to tell a story (this could be the New Yorker in me).

The absent of my creativity could be the reason why I am craving change. I keep thinking to myself that I need a new experience or some form of change then I will feel creative again. The annoying part is I don’t know exactly what I want the new experience or change to be so I can’t ignite it. There is a possibility that an opportunity for a change could come my way in its own time but I feel like I would just be waiting. In the meanwhile I plan to do a few things that could possibility help me get out of this rut and boredom. Some of the things are the things that I wrote about in Ways I Jump-start my Creativity . One of the other things is practicing staying in the present moment so I can get a better feel of my environment and possibly more direction. I also want to connect with more creatives and talk about our work and experience their work. Maybe being around creative energy would be help bring back my creative energy.

Time to Focus on You:

What inspires you?

Photo by Cortney White on Unsplash

21 thoughts on “Help, I’m Bored!”

  1. Lovely read!
    I’ve found that keeping a few stories in reserve means I’ve got things ready to publish in case I’m not having a productive week, or just something as simple as taking a walk to a new place can jump-start new ideas for me 🙂

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  2. I’m always down to connect with other creatives. You can contact me via chat page from my menu and then we could discuss other, easier ways to connect. I totally feel ya about about clothes speaking to you and what you want them to say for you. Clothes are a statement for me. About Instagram feed what words would you use to look that interest up.

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      1. Start with the most basic to see what you get. I’ll use myself as an example. I collect paper. Any kind but I do prefer vintage paper. I type that in and from there I am given a slew of ideas. You could even try creativity or make creativity come to life or no words for creativity…

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  3. I totally feel this! I think it’s natural to feel bored sometimes.. I recommend traveling or even just visiting a new park, library, or restaurant. Other times, reading a new book can ignite something! Sending you lots of good vibes Nia ♥️

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  4. Boredom usually leads me to learn new things or take up old hobbies. YouTube and free online classes help. I can’t get on Coursera without feeling like I’ve gotta sign up for an 18-credit load, an old habit of overdoing combined with too many interesting things to study.

    Sometimes it’s better to take a day off, clean the house, doodle, take pictures, and let my mind wander until some sort of epiphany comes.

    Good luck!

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