Listen to Your Inner Self

It is important to listen to your inner self, which includes your body, mind, and the energy running through you. You know yourself best. You know what good for you and what is not good for you. You know what you need and what you do not need. As you listen to your inner self more often, it will grow stronger to the point the messages could more noticeable and/or make sense to you quicker. Your inner self is constantly trying to communicate messages to you, sometimes unconsciously, through your body and/or mind. Messages could through the form of gut feelings, instincts, that one nagging thought, seeing the same image over and over again, body aches or tingles, shifts in your energy, etc. Listen to these messages because usually they are right. Usually you are not overreacting. Your body and mind aren’t always trying to work against you, they are trying to help you navigate your through life while keeping you safe, happy, etc.

This can be difficult for people with high levels of anxiety but learning to manage anxiety could help make listening to yourself more manageable.  Even your anxiety is trying to communicate something to you, either to be cautious of a situation, that you need to protect and/or soothe yourself, etc. So even though it could be annoying at times, learning to work with it could help it to feel less overwhelming. Therapy and practicing mindfulness could be beneficial.

Photo by Pavan Trikutam

2 thoughts on “Listen to Your Inner Self”

  1. Lovely read!
    If you would like (and this is totally optional) I was going to link to your blog in my next Mystery Blogger Award, as a way of linking new readers together a little easier. There’s no need to do the 5-question personal quiz if you’d prefer not to, but would you like your blog signposted so new readers might check it out?

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