Visit to the Water Fountain

A few weeks ago, I decided to visit a huge water foundation that is near my area. It was a short walk, like a few blocks away. I quickly walked over to the park where the foundation is located. I was excited and felt eager to get there. It became increasingly quiet on my way there. While I waiting for a light to change, I saw the water foundation in front of me and started smiling. I looked around and behind me. It was such a beautiful contrast to look back and see the buildings then to look back toward the park. When I got there, I started unintentionally walking slower. When I got as close as I could get to the fountain, I stared at it for a while and noticed the water’s movements and overall structure of the fountain. The movement of water going up to the sky and falling back down on a side angle from the main point of the fountain. The movement of water from the two side points, looping the water throughout the fountain. Seeing the fountain cycle the water, reminded me of thoughts I had the previous night of how my life is a series of cycles that I wanted to become more intentional of maintaining. I began to feel relaxed, especially since I felt annoyed a couple of minutes prior to my walk to the fountain.

For some reason, the longer I stared at the fountain the more I felt the need to cry. I’m not completely sure why this happened. I walked around the fountain and looked around. There was so much flowers, birds, and other elements of nature that just looked amazing. After a couple of minutes, I headed back to work. As I started walking back into the city, I felt like I was jolted awake from all of sounds of traffic. I seemed to have forgotten about the city while I was at the fountain. The quick pace I had on the way to fountain seemed to have disappeared, which is rare for me because I naturally walk fast everywhere. I started noticing more of the scenery and elements of nature on my way back to work. I started breathing deeper. When I was waiting for the last light, I let out a deep breath and started smiling.

Time to Focus on You:

Go retreat into some form of nature and just breathe. Notice the little details of it and just breathe. Then breathe some more

Photo taken by me

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