Music is Powerful

In my opinion, the power of music is honestly not talked enough. The right song, artist, sound, and/or genre can really transcend you to a completely different place, some good and some bad. Songs from your past can take you on a nostalgic ride and take you back to the exact moment you first heard the song or to whatever memories you associate with the song. Songs of the present can help to verbalize what emotion you are feeling. Music can help you to feel understood by others. They can alter your entire mood without you realizing it. Different songs can bring a high sense of euphoria or a deep sense of sadness. It can pull out a lot of emotions from you that you didn’t even know was there or still there. Songs can even help with healing and releasing, whether or not sing or dance along. Although I recommend singing and dancing, even if you are not on key, it helps to release more energy. Playing an instrument is also great for releasing energy, well if you enjoy playing an instrument.

I remember mind-body experiences that I had while listening to music and meditating or reading. My most recent experience was when I curled up on my couch reading poetry while listening to some mellow songs in the background. When one of the songs reached the second verse, I felt a calming feeling all over me. I decided to close my eyes and rest my head. While my eyes were closed, my inner voice kept saying, “Whatever it is let it go.” I was taking deep breathes and started crying. When thoughts would enter my mind, my inner voice said, “No, focus on this moment. Let it go.” My body started to tense up as I felt something (I want to say energy) was leaving it. It started becoming a little hard to breathe, my inner voice said, “Keep going. Let it go with every exhale.”

When the song was done, I opened my eyes and was still crying for a bit. I kept deep breathing and began to feel relaxed again. The sun was beaming through the windows and lighted the room. I started smiling and felt content and full of peace and calmness. Even though the day before I felt some emptiness within me. In that exact moment, my mind was still and quiet. I felt grateful. Nothing else mattered besides, the sunlight and the energy I felt circulating inside of me. Experiences like this one happen to me a lot when I am listening to music. Sometimes they don’t always end on a pleasant note but when that happens, it usually gives me an idea of what else I need to work on, address, let go, etc.

Sidenote: Please be careful with mind-body experiences because you don’t really know where they are going to take you. In some cases, it can be something that is manageable and in other cases it can be overwhelming. Practicing grounding and different forms of self-care can help to lessen overwhelming feelings. A simple way that I practice grounding is looking around my surroundings and naming what is around me and what I can sense through my senses (i.e seeing, hearing, touch, smell, and taste)

Time to Focus on You:

What type of music/artists/songs helps you to feel present? Which ones do find healing and help you to release?

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

14 thoughts on “Music is Powerful”

  1. Music is so neccessary. There is absolutely nothing like listening toI h music and just being calmed if even only for a minute. I have music that I listen to for all kinds of occasions. It’s been my therapy for years. I am currently working on a post about my love affair with music. Great post!!

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  2. I love the way that you describe your emotional experience with music. There are a few songs that instantly make me cry when I play them and it always feels like a release of tension or pain when I do so… there is also an astral projection meditation song I listen to on SoundCloud if I’m feeling anxiety or if I know I’ll be in a stressful situation. Also, side note, you and me both like listening to mellow music while writing ☺️

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  3. Great post, and fully agree with you. I mostly listen to 70’s and 80’s rock, and whilst I love a screaming guitar, lyrics are the key for me to any good song – it’s those that take me to the places you describe.

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  4. Beautiful article. Yes, music moves the soul like nothing else…can heal, can energize, and can bring back powerful memories and feelings, in an instant.

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  5. Never heard of mind-body experiences.. sounds interesting, will have to look into it lol. I like the way you beautifully described your experience with music. For me, new songs don’t mean much, until they’ve gotten ‘old’ and they bring back that nostalgia feeling of whatever life was throwing at you when the song was first released and you were playing it on repeat non-stop 😂. Music is my favourite therapeutic tool. Couldn’t imagine this world without it; it truly is powerful; it even has the power of bringing people together

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    1. Thank you for reading! 😊 yea check it out, it’s fascinating. Yes to nostalgia! I always get a huge smile on my face when I listen to old songs. Oh yea I forgot that music can bring people together. Thank you!

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