Ways I Jump-start my Creativity

Just like everyone else, I go through periods where I don’t feel creative and I need something to spark it. Below are some of the ways I get my creativity going during low times:

Reading other people’s works such as blogs, articles, poetry books and other types of books. Recently, I read Bored and Brilliant which helped my creativity a lot. My last post was a book review about the book so you can check it if you want to know more about the book.

Engaging in conversations with basically anyone from any background. Paying attention and participating in my class discussions has inspired some of my blog posts and personal works.

I have had many dreams that gave me ideas for personal pieces, blog posts, and even a screenplay (that I still need to write). Sometimes when I am sleepy and getting ready for bed, multiple ideas and prompts pop into my head. There is a science behind why this happens to people, so I have learned to accept it and go along with it.

Day dreaming and letting my mind wander also helps. I have a wild imagination which always gives me new ideas.

Watching sci-fi action movies or other though provoking shows/movies that blow my mind helps to open it up to new possibilities.

Engaging in other creative activities and projects. I have a board on Pinterest filled with Creative Project Ideas.

I can never commit to writing every day and writing prompts are usually a hit and miss for me. I do like writing challenges for 30 days or so. I remember that the summer after I graduated college, I wrote once a night for 30+ days about whatever came to my mind. I challenged myself to write at least one paragraph a night and it went well.

Life experiences are probably my main source for creativity and inspiration. Nearly everything I write is directly related to an event or time period in my life. Sometimes it is the main focus on the piece or sometimes I would incorporate it into the background and throw out little hints. There have been multiple events in my life that I draw from and play around with in my work.

Witnessing other forms of art such as music, photos, graffiti, murals, nature, etc.

Doing some form of self-work such as therapy, having an honest conversation with myself, or going on some other self-journey (I’m currently on like 10 different ones at the same time). Doing some form of self-work leads to me writing because I like to document what I am saying and/or thinking to reflect on later and connect dots.

Time to Focus on You:

What are some ways you prompt your creativity?

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15 thoughts on “Ways I Jump-start my Creativity”

    1. That’s true, that’s why I don’t want my creative work to become my main job/source of income. It would feel too much like a responsibility and kind of take the fun out of it. So at least for now I want to keep it as a habit

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  1. I really enjoy the theme of your posts! It’s like reading notes from myself! Creativity is such an important subject… normally a good book, free movement to music, or of course, letting loose writing! Look forward to future posts!

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