Curlfest 2018

On July 21st, I went to my first ever Curlfest, which is an annual event where black girl magic just thrives. It is usually held in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York. Natural hair brands and companies come out and give out free samples of products and/or sell the regular size products. Some brands even have a few hairstylists do some girl/women’s hair to showcase the products and how to use them. Some brands are well known companies, such as Crème of Nature and As I Am. There were also some companies that are more up and coming, such as Beleza Natural. There were black own businesses there selling clothes, art, jewelry, and other items.

This year Curlfest had different type of ticket packages for sell which were silver, gold, and platinum. They also had free administration. I brought a platinum ticket which included a gift bag filled with products, access to the cooling station, and some other perks. I went to Curlfest by myself and spent most of the time by myself, I met with some friends later in the day. At first, I thought it would be intimidating to be by myself but by the time I got into the event I was free to roam and go wherever I want. Even though I got there early, the lines were already a little long and got longer as time past. When I got in, I went straight to the local black owned businesses area because I wanted to learn about them and support the ones I appeal to me. At the beginning, there a lot of people there but the crowd was still manageable for me. The lines to the different businesses were not long at that point so I got a chance to talk with some owners and learn about their companies and collect business cards. It was only the hair companies that had long lines as soon as the event opened. As the time went on, the crowd grew and soon the entire park area was full of natural hair in different styles and colors. When the crowd became too much for me, I left.

My overall experience at Curlfest was amazing. I learned about so many different black own businesses that sell products that I would actually use such as a phone grip that says, “I am one dope chick,” and a luggage tag that says, “Curl Power” and has a picture of a black Wonder Woman. Both products are from Haus of Swag. The gift bag had so many products that I wanted to try out such as an Ouidad deep treatment conditioner that is formulated for kinky curls. The minute I walked upstairs from the train station I saw all of these black girls/women with natural hair walking in the same direction. It was inspiring to see the different hairstyles and witnessing everyone compliment each other. Whoever was the DJ did a great job with the music choices. There were hip-hop, R&B, and dancehall songs that were played. One of my issues with the event was the horrible signal service, like as I went in further I could not make calls or use my cell phone data. So, it was hard to find people. The food trucks also started running out of food around 2ish and the event started at 12pm. And my last issues was that Broderick Hunter who is my soon to be future husband (in my head) was there and I did not know until I was watching his Instagram story at home. Anyway, I would definitely go back to Curlfest another year because it was a great experience. I would go early like I did to avoid the massive crowd

Sidenote: This post does not fully express the wonderful time I had at Curlfest because I did not want it to get too long.

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