Another Blog Post about Social Media

In the age-old debate of whether social media is good or bad, I have decided to share my thoughts on the matter. *List out pros and cons that we have read/heard about multiple times* In my opinion, social media can be either good or bad, both, or neither. I think it boils down to how and for what reason(s) people are using social media. Knowing what you want to get out of your social media use is crucial. The reason(s) doesn’t have to be something overly deep, it could simply be to have fun and talk with people. As long as you are aware of why you are using it. People’s intentions can make social media a safe and fun space to be in or the exact opposite. The quote “the energy you put out is the energy you receive,” speaks to what I am trying to say. If you go on social media for drama well that is what you are going to get. If you go on for more positive reasons chances are that is what you will attract, unless you have a large following of a bunch of trolls who do nothing but post negative comments all day. Sidenote: I have heard that said a hundred times by different people, so I do not know who originally came up with quote. If anyone knows, people tell me, thanks.

Managing your time on social media and the content you are exposing yourself to is important too. Spending a lot of time on social media is not necessarily bad for some people, it depends on what exactly are they tuning into and what they are doing on it. Wasting hours on social media instead being productive could be an issue but it is possible to be on social media and be productive. Being productive does not only need to look like prompting your business, it could be sharing funny videos and memes to brighten your day and other people’s days. It could also be interacting with friends and family. My definition of being productive is doing something that will bring a positive and/or necessary result, so it does not have to be only work related. The time you spend on social media doesn’t have to impact your social skills or your intellect. There plenty of people who spend a bunch of time on social media and still have great social skills in person. They found a balance between social media and engaging in the real world that works for them. Some people believe the less time you spend on social media, the smarter you are. That’s not true because you could all of your time in the real world with a rotting brain. Social media can be used as a vessel to expand your intellect, just keep in mind that some things that you see on social media is not completely accurate. Do your own background research.

It is also vital to pay attention to the way that you are feeling while on social media. For example, constantly seeing people “live a better life than yours” can leave you feeling ashamed and unfulfilled in life. Or seeing a bunch of post around the holidays can be rough if you have family issues and/or a trauma related to any of those holidays. Even though it wasn’t people’s intention to make you upset, it still made you upset. These feelings can lead to you making comparisons between yourself and others that are not fully accurate. To a certain extent you have some control over what you see on social media such as who you are following, the content you are exposing yourself to, etc. but you can’t control what everyone post all of the time. So being mindful of the course of your feelings while on social media can be a helpful signal to get off and do something else for a while. It can also help you figure out the type of content you want to see more or less of and who you may need to unfollow or follow. I used to watch a lot of vlogs on YouTube because I liked seeing what other people were doing with their lives. Since these were well established full time youtubers they had the time and money to go on trips, do a bunch of shopping, and buy/rent nice places to live. At first, I was amazed and excited to watch their videos but over time I found myself feeling worse about my life and jealous about their lives after watching a vlog. I started comparing my life to their vlogs and felt like my life was horrible while they were living it up. Even though I kept reminding myself that these vlogs are only show a portion of their lives I still felt like my life was inadequate. After a while I stopped watching those vlogs as a part of a break and started watching vlogs where people are just living regular lives while doing everyday things. Now I feel a whole lot better about my life. Once in a while I will watch vlogs similar to the ones I watched before to get a glimpse of other people’s experiences but I’m careful not to overly indulge in them.

Social media can be a wild jungle sometimes and other times it can a fun place. Figuring out your intention(s) and what works for you, can help to make it more manageable and enjoyable. Even though you can’t control every aspect of social media, you could create some boundaries for how you use social media and the reasons behind your use. Granted all of this could take some time to figure out and navigate, so take your time. In my next blog post, I will discuss some of my intentions for being on social media.

Time to Focus on You:

How do you feel while on social media? Have your views on social media changed throughout the years, like when you first starting use it and now?

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

42 thoughts on “Another Blog Post about Social Media”

  1. This hit the nail on the head. Social media generally is really dope but I’ve had to do a lot of unfollowing and blocking to preserve my own sanity lol. Great write-up!

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  2. I do like social media and I don’t think it’s bad, I think it boils down to knowing when to stop when you have more important things to do.

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  3. Omgosh I feel you about the watching vloggers on YouTube thing! I would feel the same way. Then I would see the same vloggers start to post about challenges in their relationships or with their children and think ‘ok NOW this is real life’ lol

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  4. I’ve been off FB and instagram since 1 March. It is so freeing! Considering not going back! However, there is so much information on there and the ability to ask a question with lighting fast response which can be very useful. Great post!

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    1. Thank you! 😊 I’m glad your break (or possible permanent hiatus) has been so freeing! Yea that’s one of the things I like about social media is either getting an exact answer quick or getting a more narrow direction to search for answers.


  5. I couldn’t agree more about social media, I’m my case I’ve had to take a few breaks from social media lasting for a few months each because of the effect it’s had on my mood in the past. However since I’ve started blogging and focusing on my health, life and things that I have control over I’ve found that I feel much better now. I’m no way near as addicted to social media, I can engage with others online but in a far healthier way than I was in the past. Thanks for the great post.

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    1. Thank you for reading! 😁 yea it can kind of sneak up on you and mess with your mood. I’m glad your experience with social media has turned around into a healthier one.


  6. Very interesting post. I spend a lot of time on social media mainly promoting my blog and managing by fb page. However, I am conscious of not giving up other activities to be on social media. I still lead a very normal active life, exercising, reading, cooking and socializing. It’s about balance. I think of it this way – why spend so much time on social media when you life by the beach?

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  7. I agree, social media really is what you make out of it! Personally speaking, I’ve found myself spend a great amount of time online as I blog and promote my posts and other ideas on my social media pages. It can be fun seeing how others think, and just coming across new pieces of information. However I do find myself needing breaks from time to time as I do not want to get “too caught” up on followers, likes and things of that nature. Very relevant and insightful post, thank you for sharing ❤️

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  8. This article was spot on!! When I first started using social media it was exhilarating! I was in junior high school, and it was a new experience. I would have to say that Facebook and instagram give me anxiety and headaches now :/ it’s always good to take a lil break and focus on yourself

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  9. It’s all about balance. I live in Australia and my grandparents live in Wales, social media has helped my grandparents watch my children grow as they are unable to fly here. I have also met so many incredible people through social media. I will admit that sometimes I get too consumed in it and I know I then need a break and when my children reach an age of using social media I will definitely be keeping a close eye on it. It has its ups and downs but I don’t think it’ll be going anywhere any time soon. 😊

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    1. Thank you for reading! 😊That’s a great benefit of social media, it helps with the long distance. I’m interested to see how parents are introducing social media to their children and how they are helping them navigate it.

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  10. In general social media is so beneficial and definitely a good resource. It provides an outlet for creative minds not wanting to conform to the normalcy of a 9-5. I also think that with the constant flood of negativity it can be emotionally wearing. Keeping your feeds as positive as possible can really help! Social media gives everyone a voice and with that comes a lot of internet gangsters.

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  11. I agree with everything that you said about social media. It can be a good and bad thing, but it all depends on how you use it. There’s people who use social as an escape from the real world and people who lets social media determine everythingggggg in their lives. Which is not good. When using social media, people need to be careful to not let it define them and suck them in, into a “fake world”. When I’m on social media, I’m not going to lie I feel like I can be myself since I’m behind a screen. Also on social media it seems like I will find more people like me, rather than going out in public. Social media makes it easier to talk to strangers lol. When I first got on social media, I was about 10 years old and back then social was all fun and games and just to be cool. But now, let me tell you social media has got serious as fuck. We use it to find the answers to everything and on social media, information travels fast and people believe everything just because it’s on social media.

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    1. Yea it does seem easier to talk and connect with strangers online as compared to in person. Maybe cause there is no eye contact lol. Yeaaa social media has definitely changed a lot. Compared to what I remember when I was younger, it is kind of a slippery slope to make sure you don’t get lost in it

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  12. […] Sidenote: this book is not antisocial media and neither I am. This book talked a lot about how social media is not completely evil but the type of usage can be harmful for some people. It also acknowledged many of the benefits of social media and technology. The book reminded me a lot about some of points I made in this blog post, Another Blog Post about Social Media […]

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