Being 100% Positive and Happy 24/7 is Unrealistic

On social media, being positive has become a trend. Although, I hope people are trying to integrate it into their lives and make it an actual lifestyle. Some people seem to be only doing it for the likes and attention. People like to post quotes, some of which are overused and cliche, and their personal stories of struggle and triumph. Side note: If you are going to post someoneโ€™s quote on your social media give that person/people their credit for their creativity and work. Do not leave out or scratch out their name(s) to make it seem like you came up with it or as if the quote fell from the sky and into your phone.

Anyway, I have noticed that this trend of positivity seems to be giving off the idea that everyone is supposed to be 100% positive and happy 24/7 no matter their circumstance. This is of course not true of everyone on social media, it depends on the specific person and the content on their page. Expecting to be 100% positive and happy 24/7 is unrealistic. To be 100% positive and happy 24/7 would mean that you and your life is perfect, which is not possible of either, unless you are in La La Land. We are not always going to have great days. Some days will be great, others will be simply okay, and some will just be plain horrible. Some days we may feel like we are on top of the world while other days may feel like we are stuck in a corner. Especially in the current state society and the world is in, if you battle mental illness, and/or other factors. Some days may seem easier to manage than other days. We are not always going to have everything together. And all of that is fine because that is life. Life is not meant to be only one thing or course 24/7, so you arenโ€™t meant to be only one way or feel only a certain set of emotions 24/7. You need a realistic balance and expectations in your life.

As properly functioning humans, we are not meant to be happy all the time. We are going to face challenges and get into situations that will make us upset, angry, sad, etc. These emotions are not bad, they are simply emotions. They are chemical reactions within our bodies as responses to our environment. So, getting upset or angry does not mean you fail at being positive or at life, it just means that your body and brain is properly functioning and responding to the environment. ALL of your emotions and possible reactions to situations are valid. Keep in mind that validation does not mean endorsing harmful behavior toward self or others, it just means I can understand why you would react that way to your environment and possibly empathize with you (depending on what the reaction is). Validating and going easy on myself makes me feel a whole lot happier than expecting myself to be positive and happy all day, every day. Validating myself is a form of self-care.

You cannot avoid all forms of negativity, bad days, and certain emotions for your entire life, they will eventually find their way to you. Expecting to be 100% positive and happy 24/7 is going to make you feel worse when you do have a bad day because it may feel like you are failing to meet a standard or at life in general. That expectation has a sense of pressure attached to it. Striving to be positive and happy most of the time and not prolonging your stay in a negative place is more realistic. It gives you the flexibility of being a human. Searching for the good or a lesson in a bad situation is realistic too, but if you canโ€™t either at the exact moment that is okay. Do not deny yourself your right to be a human because you may feel the need to happy and chipper all day, every day. Give yourself a break and try your best to be a human, which means experiencing all your emotions.

Time to Focus on You:

How do you validate yourself and reactions on a bad day?

Photo by: Fabian Moller on Unsplash

23 thoughts on “Being 100% Positive and Happy 24/7 is Unrealistic”

  1. Love this post. I read this somewhere – “trying to get rid of all negative experiences is in itself a negative experience.” I’ve been going by it since I heard it and you just went more into depth with it. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. I appreciate it when people are real- no one is happy all the time, we don’t grow that way. I do look for the silver lining, but sometimes it takes a while to see it. I appreciate what you have written. Social Media really does just show the highlight reel. There is a lot going on beneath the surface that we never see, and it’s important to remember that!

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    1. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜ yes, I totally agree! Social media can be misleading (depending on the content) and there is a lot going that we donโ€™t always see. It takes me a while to see the silver lining sometimes too.

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  3. Itโ€™s definitely important to keep it real and let yourself feel what you feel. It does always seem like everyone is happy 24/7 on social media though because we all want to uplift others, which isnโ€™t necessarily a bad thing. But itโ€™s misleading because we donโ€™t see the other side.

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  4. By truly recognizing the suffering of others, I believe we will be better able to connect authentically and with ourselves. Excellent post. Additionally, the freedom from censoring the full spectrum of human emotion could be quite empowering for our society.

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  5. I just wrote a post about social media and how it can become a breeding ground for negativity and bullying and we are expected to just smile through it, nope. My block and delete game has gotten serious in the last 30 days. Excellent post! Truth!

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  6. Definitely needed to hear this! Loved your post so much! ๐Ÿ’• And what sucks about social media is people only post their happy moments / them at their best, so when you see it you kind of have to take it with a grain of salt and not compare yourself to others which is so important.

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