Alone Time

Alone time is a necessity for me. Just like oxygen and water, I need my alone time to function properly. On a regular basis, I need time by myself to recharge and get my energy right. Socializing with people excessively, whether in person or on the internet, is draining to me. For the most part, I like hanging out with people and talking about interesting topics but after being around people for too long I start to get irritated, tired, and cranky. Even my friends and mom can tell when I ready to go lock myself in my room just by the look on my face. They are understanding and give me time to myself.

Usually at the end of my long days, I speed walk back to my dorm room. When I get there, I turn off my phone and hide it. It’s like I get into this mood where I do not want to interact with anyone for a few hours and I don’t even want to see my phone. I just want to be all alone in silence to able to breathe and relax. Most of the time I think about whatever random topic that entered my mind as I enjoy the silence. Sometimes I mediate, take a nap, read, write, or other self-care related things. Sometimes I like to turn on music and sing loudly, usually off key, and dance around my room. “Just One of Those Days” by Monica is my anthem. I need to find more songs with the “I need to be alone, don’t take it personal” theme.

Sometimes people look at me weird when I tell them this and they question, “How can you be comfortable being alone? What do you even do? I need to be around people unless I will get bored.” I usually think to myself, “How do you have the energy to constantly be around people? Where is this infinite energy supply coming from? I need some of it.” I start to get tired from the very thought of constantly interacting with people.

Being alone is an enlightening experience for me. It gives me time to learn about myself and think about what I really want out of life without the distractions of society. I usually understand situations/ the big picture and figure out problems when I am left alone. There are times when my prolonged alone time turns into isolation. I’m still trying to find a balance being alone time and isolation because the line between the two is very thin.

Time to focus on you:

What do you like to do in your alone time? How often on a weekly basis do you have alone time?

39 thoughts on “Alone Time”

  1. People don’t understand this but most people need alone time. It charges their mind and refreshes their soul. I also love my alone time. I read or write or listen to music and sometimes I sit and do nothing and even that feels better.

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  2. That is SO true for me. It’s funny how others don’t understand it. They think they should pity you for not having people to hang out with when they hear that you spent the weekend alone. No, I just needed the weekend to recharge because my week was overloaded with people.

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      1. It’s too bad because the brightest gems and diamonds are found there, and most people spend their whole lives running away from it! Have you ever gone to any meditation groups? I feel like you may like it and meet like minded people judging by your writing 🙂

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      2. So true! No I haven’t. I am interested in attending one to try it out cause I did a meditation exercise in one of my classes as a group and really liked it. So far I haven’t found anything offered locally but I will keep searching

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      3. I found mine at a Buddhist meditation center… so it is actually free aside donations. I never knew about it though and had to ask around. I’ve met really lovely people, and they have meditations 6/7 days a week. It’s really powerful for me, because I am forced to sit there longer than I can make myself meditate at home, and then so many revelations come from that stillness.

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  3. Sounds like you’re an introvert! Welcome to the exclusive club where you will often be misunderstood😂.

    I’m alone with my boyf often times (who is also a loner). The only times I ‘socialise’ are at university (I have no choice) and at work (again.. I have no choice). I usually set up dates to meet actual friends about once or twice a month. I get drained very easily so I prefer to communicate and keep in touch via WhatsApp and social media 😂

    P.s don’t allow anyone to make you feel weird for preferring your own company

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  4. Definitely a great perspective write! I consider myself happy with a regular basis of socializing with others, but that is not just what I do. I also have many quiet moments and days to myself as well that are great for recharging. So understand the need to have solitude at times. I would like to nominate you for the Liebster Award! I will link your post so you will be able to see it.

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  5. i relate to this so so much indeed. it is the only way for me to recharge, or else i feel completely beaten and worn down by the world. my alone time always consists of a mug of hot tea, a book or a new blog post, comfortable sweatpants, and quiet. 💙💙

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  6. Again Nia, love your post! I feel more normal now :). I really enjoy being alone. I think I am not as self aware as you are but I am starting to pay more attention because I do get irritable and frustrated when I don’t get regular alone time. I am pouring out most of my energy homeschooling, homemaking and pouring out -meeting the needs of hubby and my two very active boys (loves of my life). Hubby is very extroverted as well as our eldest son, at first Hubby thought it strange when I wanted to be alone…lol. I think many people don’t get that, except for us introverts. The more regular alone times I schedule, the more sane I feel, the more grounded I am and the better I am at giving my best to the people around me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I am really enjoying your blog!!

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    1. Thank you Zonnette! I’m glad that like my blog posts! It’s good that you are paying attention. Even in your response it was detailed on how alone time helps you. It’s great that being alone for a while makes you feel more grounded, that is so important. Yea trying to explain it to extroverts has been difficult for me too lol. They either think I mean 5 minutes of alone time or think I hate being around people (which isn’t true lol).

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