Every Girl Needs a Role Model

Personally I feel like every girl needs at least one role model that they can look up to, I was fortune enough to have more than one. Throughout my life, I have come in contact with multiple young women who have aided in my growth. These women were at least a year older than me and were all black. I am an only child, so I did not have an older sister to look up to as a role model, but these women were and still are role models for me. In some cases, I was their unofficial little sister. The fact that were black was even better because it was easier to identify with them. We understood the unique challenges that we faced because of race and gender and they were powering through them, which inspired me.

When I started my first job in high school, I was the youngest and the other girls were in college. At first, I felt intimidated because of the age difference but they took me under their wing. They would give me advice about everything, high school, college, guys, job, hair, etc. They would share stories about their past and current lives and I soaked up all of the information. I learned from their mistakes and what worked for them. They would explicitly tell me what to do and what not to do to stay out of trouble. I applied what I learned to my life and problems. They were funny, intelligent, honest, caring, and authentically themselves. I used to become inspired listening to their success stories, things that they were doing in college, and their goals. They would encourage me when I was talking about college and my goals. I never thought that my co-workers would have had such an influence on me, I thought that they would just be people who I saw at work for a few hours. They became more than that, we had group outings after work and one of them came with me to get my nose pierced.

As a freshman in college, I met some black female students who were older. Once again, I did not think that they would have an influence on me, I thought that they would be people who I saw on campus from time to time. They were always busy running around campus doing something productive while looking fashionable. I never knew that a woman could be productive and still look fashionable on a college campus. As I started to talk to them more and learn about them, I started wishing for some of their traits, such as being more peaceful and less reactive. I used to say to myself, “I want to have my life together like they do by the time I am a senior.” I loved to hear about what they were up to and their plans for the future. They were also encouraging, funny, intelligent, honest, caring, and genuinely themselves.

Even though I only talk to some of them once in a while they are still just as encouraging and just as inspiring. I am really grateful to have met these women and to have been around them during those stages in my life because they are really amazing. Whenever I see their posts on social media, I always feel proud of them.

Time to Focus on You:

Think about the impact you can make in someone’s life by just being you.

16 thoughts on “Every Girl Needs a Role Model”

  1. This blog really touched me. I’m glad you a female role models. Now this my opinion and we all have different opinions but in this world we have both male and female role models but when we think of role models, hero’s, and even superhero’s most of men. Men are wonderful role models. There are also a lot of female role models in this world as well but to me females don’t get as much recognition as males in this category. There are a lot of strong minded women in this world. I feel like, if females had more recognition for being motivational, then women would definitely be respected more. Women came along way over the years though don’t get me wrong but I think women still need to be appreciated more that’s I loved reading this blog.

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  2. This reminded me of my best friend who i havent been able to meet for over a year and a half now . We text sometimes we call up , once in two months probably. But this distance never changed us or our relationship. If anything i love her and adore her more than ever . The thought that she believes in me , keeps me encouraged to do what i do however hard it may seem . Thank you for sharing this lovely post 🙂

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  3. […] For most of my life, I grew up in environments where it was mostly black girls in the area. So, all of my closest friends are black women, since people tend to gravitate to those who we can easily identify with and who are similar to us. For example, have you notice people of the similar personalities and interests naturally find their way to each other in classrooms, the school cafeteria, workplaces, and other social events? Even though my friends and I do not talk every day, we do have in-depth discussions about our lives whenever we do get on the phone or meet up. We noticed that we face similar challenges and obstacles because we are black women. Usually I would think that problem is unique to me until we start talking and realize that we all endured it in some way. We read the stories of other black women and realized that they endured the same issues too. Noticing that we have certain things working against us in society cause us to work together to keep each other going despite the obstacles. I am very fortunate to have been able to build a sisterhood among my closest friends. There have also been cases where these women became some of my role models, which I talked more about in Every Girl Needs a Role Model […]


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