Offer Support Instead of Jumping to Conclusions

There are times that I see people in harmful situations that limits their growth. It makes me want to pick them up and move them to a more positive environment, as if their pieces on a board game, so that they can fully thrive. But life isn’t that simple. I cannot just move people away from toxic situations in a matter of two seconds. There are a number of societal and personal factors that forces people to stay in certain circumstances. There are cases where the person may not even want or be afraid to move because this is their norm.

Even though the situation could be bad, there could be a greater consequence at stake if they even try to leave those circumstances at this moment. This may be hard to understand if you are not the person. You may view leaving as a simple and quick solution but please realize you are not them. You do not live their exact life every day, you do not know their full story. Just because you may live or have lived a similar life does not mean you are living that exact person’s life. The only person who has the best solution for them is that person, not you. With their permission, you can offer insight from your point of view but understand that your perspective is limited. You do not have the entire picture, you only have the pieces that have been revealed to you.

On the bright side, people are very adaptive and the mind is very powerful. People have the ability to adapt to certain life situations and find a way to survive. In some cases, people even find a way to thrive. Unfortunately, this is not the case in all circumstances cause honestly some circumstances are just inhumane for anyone.

The best thing you can do when you see someone in a toxic and harmful situation, is to respect that person and their decision(s). Do not belittle them. Offer support on their terms and do not cross their boundaries. It may hard because it feel like you are not doing enough but support can go a long way. You have to understand that some people have an idea of what is best for them at that moment, even if you see things differently.

Think about some general ways you can show support for people, even if it is a small gesture. Support does not necessarily mean endorsing all aspects of their behavior. Also think of some general ways people can off support to you.

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